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Behaviour codes for children and young people

As a qualified Art Teacher with a PGCE in Art and Design and 5 years experience as an Art Teacher and then Head of Art Department in Secondary Schools in the UK, Rhiannon ('The Teacher') has experience of teaching children with a variety of needs. The Teacher creates an inclusive environment and can reasonably adapt to each child who wants to learn art. There are many students that come from all sorts of backgrounds and they are all treated equally. 

Behaviours of Concern:


1) Poor physical behaviour is not tolerated. Examples can include but not limited to flicking paint, throwing items, pulling hair, tripping other students or teachers, kicking, wandering around the room when supposed to be seated, threatening physically any other student or member of staff, etc. These physical behaviours and any similar behaviours not mentioned, will or can result in termination of the contract to provide art lessons without any prior warning

2) For The LOVE OF ART requires a calm atmosphere for the best possible learning and all children who attend are expected to contribute positively to that atmosphere for the enjoyment, safety and learning of everyone. Not following The Teacher's advice or instructions, showing disrespect in front of other students, towards other children or towards The Teacher and disengagement requiring additional time and attention can result in non-admittance to future art sessions or withdrawing a place on a course. The Teacher's decision on any such matters is final, and it is not up to the parents/carers to seek justification or to attempt to change The Teacher's decision.

3) Children need to respect the equipment and classroom. Taking care of equipment such as brushes and pencils, rubbers, desks, chairs, and walls. 

4) Children are required to respect and be kind to one another. Any verbal abuse, signs of bullying or nasty behaviour between children will not be tolerated.


Unacceptable behaviour of any kind is the judgement of The Teacher, this judgment will be exercised for the benefit of everyone equally. If possible, The Teacher will 1) raise the issue with the child during a session as a warning 2) discuss issues such as the above with the parent/carer who is expected to have listened and taken any concerns seriously. If the behaviour continues after both efforts to resolve the issue, the place may be withdrawn and the decision is final.


If or when a service contract is cancelled or terminated by For The LOVE Of ART, any remaining unused service will be refunded. 


Any behaviour deemed extreme may result in an immediate termination of the contract and the place being withdrawn without prior warning to either the child or adult.


Whilst every effort is made by For The LOVE Of ART to include all children, sometimes the style of teaching does not suit all students. Students not wanting to follow the teaching programme may become unhappy. If problems persist, for whatever reason, For The LOVE OF ART will terminate the service at their discretion.


Behaviours to be encouraged:

  1. Be kind, supportive and encouraging of other children at the session

  2. Share resources gladly with other children

  3. Be respectful to one another and to The Teacher

  4. Actively listen to instructions and teaching points for the session and follow these without question.

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